Theresa's Truth

In August 2018 I came to HorizonView Health to talk with Dr. Baker after confirming my lap band was no longer effective.  I decided to sign up for the 14-week Medical Weight Loss Program.  I had great success, but then, COVID happened and the weight I had lost slowly crept back on.  In August, 2022, Dr. Baker and I discussed some new medication options that were available. Since then, my life has changed completely.  Over the last year I’ve lost over 80lbs.! I love being a part of the HorizonView family and feel so grateful to Dr. and Mary Baker (along with Katelynn!!) for supporting me through the process.  If you are wondering if the program works, YES!!!!  Just believe in yourself the way that everyone at HorizonView does.  It’s taken my entire life to finally look at food differently.  I still have my little “treats” here and there, but no more over-indulgences.  My hope, is that, someday insurance companies will finally realize that obesity is a disease and not just a lack of self-control.  Thank you, again, to HorizonView, for being here for myself and our community. I truly feel blessed and am proud of the progress I’ve made over the years.