Jeannie's Journey

I have tried many weights loss programs only to find that I was gaining more and more.  I felt like I was on a roller coaster, up and down for years trying every new diet, product or exercise program on the market.  I would lose then I would gain it all back plus more, leaving me disappointed, frustrated, and back in that dark place again. 

Until I came to HorizonView Health, where I had found my light.   

I began my journey with HorizonView the beginning of 2019 and a year and a half later I can honestly say this has been the happiest time of my life.  They showed me that there is a light and the end where at first I only saw a dark long tunnel of disappointment. I began with their intensive 14week Medical Weight Loss Program in February weighing 209 poundsMy family has a history of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and weight issues due to thyroid and I was following right along in their footsteps. 

As I worked with Dr. Baker, Adrianna-Registered Dietitian, and Mary, my coach (also Melanie from Freedom Weight Training), I learned a lot of life changing tools that really do work.  I lost over 30 pounds and felt so much better. In July, 2019 I made the monumental decision to have weight-loss surgery in order to reach a healthy weight for my small frame. Most of HorizonView patients don’t choose this option but Dr. Baker works closely with several surgical groups for patients who are special cases. I continued to check in with the HorizonView Team for support following my surgery and my current weight is now 112 pounds and I feel amazing!  I knew when I walk through the doors that very first time to meet Dr. Baker and the team that it was a game changer I just felt I was in the right place to get the best care possible 

The whole team is remarkable, outstanding, caring, and I know I was drawn to them for a reason. I was at the end of my rope like many other people that struggle with weight-loss depression and everything else life throws at them.  As their patient, if I can just help one person with my story then my journey has made a difference and matters. It’s not about the word DIET; it’s about your own journey and how you want to travel this road we call life.   

For many years I tried to live out my story by only wanting to impress others. I lost myself along the way. With help from this amazing team, I’ve been able to rewrite my story and how I view myself. I have become more confident with my weight and who I am as a person. Yes, I do struggles somedays but who doesn’t in life But now, with tools on board that I didn’t have before and my mind in the right head space, I can have a success. 

I’ve learned that you need to be brave enough to embrace your goals, achievements and your life. You need to figure out what’s most important and put those things first. If you’re not willing to rewrite your story, embrace the way you feel inside, and be willing to ask for help and do the hard work to make changes, then that darkness will continue to grow.  This is ultimately what I found in my heart with the help of my Medical Team at HorizonView and I am forever blessed to have them on my side. 

I thought I would never be able to share before and after pictures but here they are! I feel absolute remarkable.