Jackie & Tom

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Lucky for us, Santa is a friend of ours and we were able to update the first picture!  

Sharing these photos with total strangers is somewhat difficult but the story behind them is not difficult to share. Tom and I have dieted our whole lives and have lost MANY pounds over the years. But, every once in a while, someone says just the right thing that can change your life… 

 Tom’s Sleep Apnea Doctor had been helping him control his sleep issues but knew he needed to address his weight problems as well. His Doctor then said, “Tom, its very selfish of you not to get this under control. You have 6 grandchildren and you’re not going to be here in 5 years if you don’t do something.” It hit Tom hard and when he came home and repeated the Doctors words, I wanted to cry. I knew the Doctor was correct and we both needed to do something about it. We got Dr. Bakers information from our Doctor and made the call. Our lives changed that day, for the better. We feel better, feel smarter (in making better choices), have much more energy, and plan to continue enjoying our crazy busy life and our 6 grandkidlettes for a very long time! 

 We followed the HorizonView program guidelines but slipped a tad here and there. We learned how to still have a piece of birthday cake (just not a HUGE PIECE) and have an Adult Beverage on special occasions then jump right back into our routine of healthy living”. The “old us” would have restarted our “DIET” the following Monday or the beginning of the next month but the “new us” knows & trust ourselves to have the occasional treat and then get right back on track. That is a light bulb moment for both of us- to actually TRUST OURSELVES to get right back on track! 

 I remember being asked “what is your goal weight? Where is your comfort area? I almost cried- I DON’T KNOW- I’VE NEVER BEEN CLOSE to a goal weight! Over time I’ve learned what a healthy, realistic weight looks and feels like and how to set small goals that help me get there and stay there. Reaching each one has made me ecstatic!  

 As of December, Tom is about 16 pounds from Goal and I am only 10 pounds from mine. Who knew at almost 60 years old, we would be the healthiest either of us have EVER been! Tom is a busy man and always doing projects at work and at home butnow things like hiking are also on our list. I used to run in college… Guess who is starting to run again? Not very far but I am doing it! Getting control of our health has been the best Christmas present we could have given ourselves and our family!