Bridget's Story

Bridget's Story 3

Making the decision to follow the 14-week program at HorizonView Health was the best decision of my entire life.  The program was not just a “diet” but an education on how to change my lifestyle.  Having the holistic approach of meeting with Dr. Baker, his nurse, the nutritionist, the counselor, coach, and even the front office staff when you check in, all played a part in my success.

They are a team and you feel that energy throughout the entire 14-week program and after.  Dr. Baker and his staff want you to succeed just as much as you want it!  That “Team Feeling” truly played a part in my success.  Between them, the coaches at the gym I attend, and support of my family and friends….they all played a part in me making it to my goal and finding myself again. I am 45 years old and the healthiest I have ever been!  I finally know what it’s like to wake up everyday and feel good about myself in every way.