Sweets for my Sweet

Sweets for my Sweet

All year long we face holidays and celebrations that are very food focused. Like many of you, I am a wife and mom and I love holidays just as much as the next person. The problem is that every time we turn around, someone is celebrating, thanking, or loving on us with sugar loaded treats. It is the volume and frequency of these treats that is contributing to health concerns. Our food focused holidays and celebrations have begun to saturate our day-to-day and they are no longer occasional treats, but rather our ‘most of the time’ consumption. This topic of conversation is not just about what we consume for our own health, but also what we gift the people around us who may also be trying to be mindful of their health.

I would like to continue to propose that we get good at loving on each other in ways other than sugar loaded treats.

For our main sweetheart – consider,

  • Small acts of service gift cards – massage, foot rub, clean house, etc..
  • Toxic free lotion – free of parabens, phthalates or sulfates Home | Bubblery (thebubblery.com)
  • A date of exploring or seeing a new place such as a park or hike. – Explore the All Trails app
  • A silk pillowcase (yes pillowcases are great gifts for those that are hair and skin conscious)
  • Skin care
  • A love letter.
  • Fun socks with your pets face on them.
  • A special home cooked well balanced meal.
  • Make a memory – a new game, karaoke night, see comedy or live music.
  • Smoothie gift card
  • Massage, facial, or botox gift card.
  • Bath Bomb or Sugar Scrub – (DIY or store bought)
  • Essential oil.
  • Indoor plant, flowers, garden seeds
  • A book.
  • Organic coffee beans.

For the teacher, office mates, friends, kids, classmates –

I get it, –  it is far cheaper to buy small candies than to buy fruit to share, a meal, or candles for all the people that you want to gift. But maybe we could go back to simple. Along the way, the bar keeps getting raised to do bigger and more. Let’s get back to simple and thoughtful. Consider,

  • A fun flavored tea bag
  • A fun hair tie.
  • Chapstick
  • Act of kindness
  • Friendly note of love
  • Stickers
  • Water flavor enhancer/electrolyte stick
  • Bake healthy muffins to share.
  • Pencils/Pens/Bubbles/Gum
  • Homemade granola to share in small portioned out gift bags.

How do I approach the holiday? This year, for my husband, I got some socks made with our dog’s face on them from Etsy. For my pre-teen and teenage boys, I got an Emerald City Smoothie gift card, gum, and a bottle of Naked Protein Juice. (My boys love smoothies 😊). Even for my parents, I got a few pink (strawberry or raspberry flavored) protein bars wrapped in a red bow. For my kids’ teachers I have written cards of love and gratitude along with a packet of heart healthy nuts. My style of gift is small scale, simple and thoughtful. Remember that simple is perfectly ok. This holiday let’s practice showing love in ways that don’t tempt or make our loved ones not feel their best.