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DISCLAIMER: I was not paid to write this review. My specific Medical Weight Loss (MWL) plan and my hugely successful results are specific to me only. Your personal results will vary. I started the HorizonView Health MWL Program the last week of March, 2020 weighing 305lbs. 12 weeks later, I was down 50lbs, the smallest I have ever been in my adult life. My life has completely changed for the better. Before this program, nothing I tried, worked. From cabbage soups and spoonfuls of grapefruit to intermittently starving myself during the day to over exerting in the gym. I even tried those cardboard meal subscriptions that get mailed to you. Nothing worked for me, I never saw my weight go down. I needed personalized, holistic, in-person help in my weight loss journey, with people who cared about me and my goals. That is exactly what I found! If you are like me and HATE every aspect of the weight loss journey and you are seriously considering seeking medical weight loss help … I DEFINITELY and wholeheartedly recommend HorizonView Health in Puyallup. Dr. Bruce and Mary Baker are top notch and they care about you. 12 weeks and I lost 50 lbs because of this program and the team! What made the most sense to me was their approach. They do not utilize fad diets or trendy exercise programs. They use real science and personal data, crafting a program that’s tailored to you and your goals. After 12 weeks, my body looked like it did in high school, (which is the lightest I’ve ever been in my adulthood). I have never felt happier and healthier. I owe most of my success to me for actually doing the hard work of exercising daily and ensuring I’m eating only to fuel my body. However, I absolutely could NOT have done any of this without the work and help from Mary, Adriana, Stephanie, Mary Sue, Chelsea, Sara, Jane, and of course Dr. Bruce at HorizonView Health. Even without insurance, the cost of this program is well worth EVERY PENNY! The coaching sessions can be a bit much, going in every week, but this annoyance is for a great cause and only helps to instill discipline and consistency. I highly recommend HorizonView for your weight loss goals. The team, the facility, and their methods are top notch. Their entire team radiates with joy and happiness. Their facility is extremely clean, well organized, and in a great location. My life has completely changed for the better. I look forward to working out and feel sad if I miss a day, even for rest. I am full and satisfied all day long with the food I eat and have not had any cravings for unhealthy foods. I also have the knowledge in knowing that calories go in and calories come out. What started as rocket science has now become second nature. THIS ALL MAKES SENSE! TOP NOTCH! HIGH QUALITY! GENUINE CARE!