Meet Adrian

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When asked to share about my weight loss journey, I wasn’t sure where to begin. Should I focus on the nutritious diet suggestions, the compassionate staff, or the helpful products and support? The program, if you let it, does a large portion of the work for you which is exactly what I was looking for. I needed support and I love the staff here. Mary is a jewel. She really loves what she does, and it comes across in how she listens and wants to help you reach your goal. This is true of ALL the HorizonView team.  The first two weeks on Celebrate meal replacement products taste great… especially the Nutty Carmel Crunch bars! The best part is my blood pressure, cholesterol, and A1C have all gone down drastically and I have my confidence back. 

But truth be told, it was really a mental journey. I could not get the scale to move and I was at my wits end. I was becoming a sum of unhealthy statistics and after an emotional breakdown at my primary doctor’s office, I decided that was it! It was time to really commit to doing something about my weight 

So, I did. I called HorizonView and with their support, I was able to lose 28 pounds (so far) and maintain it despite COVID! I walked weekly and added stretching and exercising at home. I also changed the way I fuel my body and chose to learn portion control without a prescription for appetite suppressants.  I also learned to look at myself in the mirror again and like it. My “after” picture was the first real picture taken of myself after starting the program. I haven’t deleted it because I’m proud of the person smiling back at me who decided to do something about their struggle with weight. 

So, if you’re considering this program, my advice to you is to not make it about the scale or how many pounds you’ll lose. Let it be about the person YOU hope to become. How do you want to see yourself…overall? Do you smile when you look in the mirror? Does that person smile back? Obesity takes a physical and emotional toll on you. When our bodies change, so does the way we view ourselves and that affects the way we treat ourselves. Too many pounds later, I finally understand this. I’m still working towards my goal, but I love what I’ve accomplished so far. Best success to you on your journey!!