A Pound of Prevention

Welcome to HorizonView Health!

We are a primary care clinic with an emphasis in prevention, including weight loss management. Our clinic was created to empower patients to change their health for the better. We address chronic disease by first identifying the root causes, such as excess weight, poor nutrition and unhealthy habits, then work to reverse or cure a patient’s illness by giving them the tools necessary to make sustainable lifestyle changes. In my previous practice, I was frustrated by the limited resources available to help patients accomplish this. I worked hard to give patients the best treatments available for their acute symptoms but there was little time to discuss and treat the ultimate cause of their symptoms. My diagnosis and care regiment usually led to improvement, but it did not increase a patient’s ability to avoid disease in the first place.

The exciting thing is that when healthy changes are made in our lifestyle, the risk factors for future disease immediately go down. We are all aware of the importance of regular checkups and screenings such as colonoscopies, PAP smears and mammograms, but these all deal with early detection, not actual prevention. As important as catching disease in its early stage is, it pales in comparison to preventing disease in the first place. In order to prevent many illnesses, we need to start with positive lifestyle change. It is ironic that the one thing that improves our long term health the most is the last item discussed during many office visits. I am committed to changing that. At HorizonView Health, we provide resources to help our patients go beyond acute illness and move toward robust health which reduces the chance of illness in the future.

Our patients have access to registered dietitians, mental health professionals, and bariatric medicine in addition to an excellent array of primary care services. True lifestyle change is hard, but the rewards are great, and HorizonView was created to help you find your best possible health. If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, think how much better a pound of prevention can be!

Dr. Bruce K. Baker

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