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Welcome to the HorizonView Health patient resources page! 

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Preparing for Diagnostic Appointments

Please review the instructions on how to prepare for each test (ReeVue and DXA) prior to your scheduled appointment here.

Crisis Lifelines and Chats

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

Veterans Crisis Resources:

If you’re a Veteran in crisis or Service member in crisis — or you’re concerned about one — there are caring, qualified VA responders standing by to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mental Health & Emotional Crisis

This unique hotline is available via text message to anyone experiencing mental health difficulties or an emotional crisis. Highly trained counselors offer support and guidance to calm you down and make sure you are safe.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Helpline

The NAMI Helpline is available Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST to answer your general questions about mental health issues and treatment options. You can get information on mental health services in your area and learn how to help a loved one find treatment.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Helpline

If you’re ready to seek professional treatment for your mental health condition, SAMHSA’s helpline and web-based behavioral health treatment services locator can help you find information about treatment providers, therapists counselors, support groups, and community resources in your area.

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Disaster Distress Hotline


Support Groups

Bariatric Support Groups by Franciscan Center for Weight Management

CHI Franciscan Health offers free support groups for patients who are contemplating surgical weight loss or have had bariatric surgery. The support groups are a great resource to get to know other individuals who share experiences similar to you and provide on-going support for long-term success. Participants share experiences and answer each others’ questions in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. Health professionals, including behaviorist, dietitians, physicians and physical therapists, attend these meetings on a rotating basis to offer guidance and up-to-date information. They welcome patients of any surgeon or hospital at any time, so feel free to drop-in!

For additional questions about the support groups, please contact their registered dietitians at the Franciscan Center for Weight Management at (253) 835-5514, menu option 2.

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Federal Way at St. Francis:

  • 2nd Tuesday of the month, 1-2pm
  • Conference Room on Ground Floor – St. Francis Medical Office Building
    34509 Ninth Ave. S.
    Federal Way, WA 98003
  • Directions:
    • Traveling either north or south on I-5, take exit 142B to Federal Way.
    • The off-ramp will naturally force you out onto 348th Street. Continue through three lights until you reach 9th Ave South. You will cross over Enchanted Parkway and then Pacific Highway before you reach 9th Avenue S.
    • Turn right onto 9th Ave South and take the second left into the driveway. You will see a sign for St. Francis Hospital on the left just before you make the turn.
    • The Medical Office Building is Building B, just next to the main entrance of the hospital.
    • Upon entering the lobby of the Medical Office Building, walk to the right of the elevators and you will see a hallway with the conference room on the right-hand side.

Lakewood at St. Clare Hospital:

  • 3rd Monday of the month, 6:30-7:30pm
  • Resource Center Classroom – Separate building across from St. Clare Emergency Department
    4908 112th St. SW
    Lakewood, WA 98499
  • Directions:
    • Traveling either north or south on I-5, take the Bridgeport Way Exit (Exit 125).
    • Head west on Bridgeport Way SW.
    • Travel 0.7 miles and turn right onto 112th St SW.
    • Look for the maroon St. Clare Hospital sign several yards ahead and turn right into the parking lot. The Resource Center is a brick building with a parking lot in the back and in the front.
    • Enter the Resource Center through the front doors and walk down the hallway.
    • At the end of the hall, you will see the entrance to the Resource Center Classroom on the left.

Mental Health Support Groups

Mental Health Resources

Wounded Warrior Project

The WWP mission is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors who incurred a physical or mental injury, illnesses, or wound, co-incident to your military service on or after September 11, 2001. You may also be eligible for the program if you are the family member or caregiver of a Wounded Warrior.

Man Therapy

From Grit Health:

Since its 2012 launch, Man Therapy’s multimedia suicide-prevention campaign has proven that using humor gets serious results. Our target? Working-aged men in “Double Jeopardy”, a population that accounts for the largest number of suicide deaths, and is also the least likely to seek or receive any kind of support.

Through interactive content, our doctor-in-residence Dr. Rich Mahogany uses a one-two punch of manly humor and disarming bluntness on topics that are normally taboo, giving men permission to acknowledge their feelings and take their next step – whatever that may be. Dr. Rich Mahogany invites guys to take the eye-opening 20-Point Head Inspection, examine their own wellness and consider a wide array of actions, tools and resources designed to put them on the path to treatment and recovery.

The idea? Reduce stigma and get men to view mental health as they would a broken leg or open wound. We achieve this by speaking to guys in a way that no other mental health initiative has before.



Bariatric Surgery Resources

A Bariatric Surgery Story – Not an Extreme Solution to Treat Your Obesity

Millions of Americans Qualify for Bariatric Surgery. Do You?

Don’t Believe the Myths. Learn the Truth about Bariatric Surgery

Men's Health Resources

Young Men’s Health

Penn Medicine Men’s Cheat Sheets to Health

John Hopkins Health Review to Men’s Health

Men’s Health from the National Institute of Health


No Shave November

Women's Health Resources

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