The Farm at SillyVille

From my office window I can see and hear the sights and sounds of the Washington State Fair. Lights, laughter, and countless fall memories are just a brisk walk away from my building as soon as I finish up my work for the day. I’m working on my first blog post for HorizonView Health and I’ve decided to share a little about one of the Fair’s newest attractions called “The Farm at SillyVille”.

This delightful hands-on exhibit connects children and their families to Washington State’s agriculture industry and the healthy food choices produced here.  Dr. Baker and I loved the concept from the very beginning due to our background in healthcare and my previous years spent in education. It’s the perfect way for children to learn first-hand where food comes from, how it’s prepared for market, and how to make balanced food choices that promote a healthy lifestyle. Childhood weight issues are rising at an alarming rate throughout the country but we believe early education presented in a fun and interactive way is key to reversing this current trend. The Farm at SillyVille is the perfect way to encourage a healthy relationship with wholesome foods produced right here in our beautiful state.

Dr. Baker and I were fortunate to attend the opening ceremonies of this newest attraction and be among the first to experience all the fun it has to offer. Once we entered “The Farm”, we were each given a shiny new lunch box to borrow during our visit. After checking out the life-size tractor and market stand playhouse, we moved on to the Dairy Barn. Here we got to milk a faux cow (surprisingly similar to Harriet, the cow I had growing up), then watched the “milk” transform into different dairy products. When the work was completed, we were both rewarded with a pretend carton of milk for our lunchbox!









From the Dairy Barn we traveled to the Produce Barn for apple picking, the Grain Silo for milling different grains and “driving” a combine, the Chicken Coop where animatronic chickens cluck and lay eggs for gathering, and the Backyard Garden where visitors get a “worms-eye view” of root-based vegetables growing underground. At each building a new healthy food was added to our lunchbox and at the end we had a balanced meal containing whole grains, dairy, protein, fruits, and vegetables.

I hope you will take time to experience all that “The Farm at SillyVille” has to offer when you visit the Fair this year. Afterwards you may find yourself enjoying that caramel apple, cold glass of milk, or delicious ear of corn with new found appreciation. As soon as I post this, I believe it’s time for me to slip on my walking shoes and do just that!

For more information on The Farm at SillyVille, visit their website!

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Mary Baker, M. Ed.
Health Coach & Marketing Director

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